The Gods' Tale

The Winter Lily: Race!

The Gods' Tale, Chapter 2, pt. 2, Session #5

With their purpose ordained, our heroes began their journey through the The Green Sea, desperately racing to the Winter Lily to find Celevorn Swiftleaf before the Hunters of the forest. Blazing their own trail south along the Water Root, the heroes were eventually met with a natural puzzle: a fork in the stream.

Attempting to cross, Ragnvald found himself in the river, along with Tonraq and Finten. Being pulled by different streams, Tonraq and Lucrezia, who had shadowstepped to his aid, found themselves on the opposite bank. Traveling foward, and with the stream curving east, Tonraq and Lucrezia were left behind to find a way to cross.

Eventually, the two found a fjord after following a dire bear across the stream. However, their rejoining with the party was complicated when the dire bear, in an effort to protect its nearby lair, attacked them. Though victory seemed assured for the heroes, Nymeria used her ability to commune with animals to calm the beast, sending it away on a note of tentative peace. With danger averted, the reunited party entered the fabled glade of the Winter Lily, where they were met by An’Diel, a primordial treant and Guardian of the Winter Lily. After explaining to the party that the wolf who had led Celevorn deep in to the forest was in fact the Warrior of old, the An’Diel denied them passage in to the glade, and a battle ensued, ending with the heroes overcoming – but not slaying – the Treant. However, their hopes of healing the dying flower were dashed when the Warrior sent them away, saying that there was nothing to be done, and that the Lily was dying from the presence of sickness, but from a lack of presence with the life of the world. Connecting this with the Void that was mentioned by Amaxus Rex, the troupe left, to find there way out of the Green Sea….



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