The Gods' Tale

The Winter Lily: A Challenge

The Gods' Tale, Chapter 2, pt. 1, Session #4

Leaving behind the mess made with the giant encampment, the heroes set out in search of a mythical flower: The Winter Lily, which lies at the heart of the The Green Sea, is said to win the heart of who ever it is given to. Celevorn, with a motivation unseen in him, declared that he should find it, and with winter waning, asked his compatriots to accompany him…

Venturing in through a small hamlet located on the north end, Celevorn quickly guided the party to the Water Root and lead them south. After several days of travel, however, they were ambushed by a group of four elves: Black Leaf, Talon, Great Bear, and Twig Snap. After a brief skirmish, the two sides settled, and, upon discovering the motivations of the group, the Elvish guardians denied them further entrance to the forest, with claims that the Winter Lily was dying. Allowing them the shelter of their tree fort for the night, they offered the tale of the The Warrior and The Maid, explaining how the Lily came in to being, and why it could not be taken should it be dying. With this, the heroes rested….

Waking from the night, the parties discovered Celevorn to be missing. Deducing that he had went in search of the lily at night, the Elves banished the party, believing that they had a hand in the deception, only to be challenged by Ragnvald: whoever found Celevorn first would do with him as they may….



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