The Gods' Tale

In to the Hills

The Gods' Tale, Session #1

In the year 2659 B.R., Fate, in its infinite wisdom, brought the lives of several unique people in to the spin of its weave.

Within the lands of the northeast, rumors had spread among the towns that the giants were stirring in their hills. Stunned by news of the large folk after many quiet centuries, the peoples of the plains descended into fear. A small few, though, chose to take action with this news. Ragnvald, a Branhlyden journyman, sought glory in the hills, that he might bring back what he found to his people. Nymeria, a compassionate explorer, went out of curiosity. Seeking something worthy of living for, Morgarath entered the hills with blade in hand, while Celevorn Swiftleaf, lost in his quest for his father, entered believing that the divine had directed him in his journey. Finally, Finten Arthfael gathered knowledge of the events in the cities before entering, hoping to stem any violence that may come from the giants’ movement.

As they traveled, their paths led them to a group of ogre scouts. Together, these strangers defeated them, and turned their attention to finding safety from the dangers they had not foreseen. Finding recovery in a small collection of farm houses just outside of the hills, they all recounted their journey in to the hills with to each other, and all expressed interest in delving farther in to the hills to seek out the true threat…



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