The Gods' Tale

A Straight Up Ass Whoopin'!

The Gods' Tale, Session #2

Preparing themselves after their rest in the small community just outside the hills, the heroes were met with light of dawn, and with the approach of several giant legionnaires. Commanded to meet in Northend, the largest town within the region, the party, after much debate, gathered their resources and made their way through the plains.

On the first night traveling, at their camp, the party was attacked by a handful of bandits hoping to make a few silver pieces before escaping the now giant controlled Northend. Easily defeating the would be thieves, the heroes took their night, wary of any further attacks….

The next day found the adventurers entering the town of Northend, moving through the encampment of the giants towards the town square. At noon, the soldiers entered the city, informing the peoples of the region of the plan; all of the “smaller folk” would be united under the might of their elder kin (the giants), a new age of giant supremacy would take hold of the world, and any who resisted would be met be force. Naturally, this frightened the people of the town, and the party decided to take action.

That night, while the giants camped, the group planned an ambush that went off poorly; almost every hero who was involved was left incapacitated. With orders to take word back to Amaxus Rex of this attack, the Legionnaires fled, leaving the heroes beaten, bruised, and with the town decending upon them. They escaped, and decided that the only thing to do to prevent more hostilities against the people was to seek the counsel of Amaxus Rex.



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