The Gods' Tale

A Righteous Cause

The Gods' Tale, Session #3

Moving through the path provided by the meeting of the hills, the adventurers met little resistance from the small communities of wild men and giant farmers on the outer tier of the rocky expanse. Several days into the hills, they finally came upon their goal: the gate entrance to the small encampment of Amaxus Rex.

Establishing a plan, the members of the party entered by permission of the giant leader, and immediately found it odd that the giants forces stood at a small 15. Parleying with Amaxus Rex, they discovered that through the visions of their shamans, the giants had determined that a force had begun to corrode the material worlds spark of divinity, and they they believed that this corrosion was the effect of the giant’s diminished presence in the world. When his knowledge of the matter was met with skepticism, Rex gave the heroes an ultimatum; become the staunch supporters of the giant supremacy, or be executed as traitors to the New World Order. In a fit of rage, Nymeria the Lighthearted lashed out against the giant commander, catching his “skin of metal” aflame, and initiating a deadly brawl. In the end, Amaxus fell to the arrow of Celevorn Swiftleaf, and the heroes left knowing that they had end a revolution that may have shaken the foundations of human civilization in the east.



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